My favorite party game played for more than 12 years with hundreds of friends now has a digital version! Thanks to Savanna Endicott, together, we made it possible.

The game is similar to another word game called UNDERCOVER, but better. If you are with 4–12 friends ready to have fun…

5 Steps from an idea to an App

At the end of this crazy year, Dekimasu was born. Hope the sharing of our little App’s story brings some comfort and courage. Dekimasu(I can do it)!

Step 1: find a solid idea to work on with a great team

My first internship was as an editor for an Appstore called Best Apps similar to Apple’s App Store where I got the chance…

I was thrilled to be a panelist with MongoDB’s Women in Engineering discussion today to meet so many passionate young ladies who are the industry’s future energy.

I want to share my answers to the questions we discussed today and followed with some bonus ones in this post.

Panel questions

Tell us…

Process, resources, and suggestions for junior-mid level product designer job hunting

This story is NOT about how to become a better designer. It is a comprehensive guide includes recommendations, tools, and articles.

The process can be tedious and tough. But I do believe in the journey of landing on a new job we do become better selves. Though the eyes of…

Hands-on experiences on how to build and strengthen our bond with developers as designers to create better products together.

I’ve been working with more than 40+ developers directly, have had delightful and painful experiences. After years of frontline battle, I sincerely feel that developers are designers’ most important comrades, instead of the enemy. And my most precious knowledge, insights, and growth are from the help of developers.

We don’t…

Chinese style Santa. Credit: 呼葱觅蒜

Jinjiang Santa went viral in the Chinese community

I know Christmas when I was a kid, a typical Chinese second-tier city born kid. I remembered there are red hats and green Chrismas trees everywhere, and there will be a small gift my parents brought but said it was Santa giving me put in my hanging sock at the…

Short answer — on the image above. The area stands for how often we encounter that scenario. Since about 90% of all links should be handled by the site’s navigation which supposes to open in the current tab, the ratio is not absolute.

My research on this topic begins with…

I’d like to share 6 wonderful extensions I can’t live without as a designer. Not 99, only 6 that I’m using every day. They make our work more efficient and help us learn more. As utility tools, they are also great examples of product designing. Plus, they are free!

  1. Wappalyzer

The moment I start writing this story, the old friend is right in front of me:

Rather than 3 dots or 3 periods, you can type it out this way:

Mac: Option + ;

PC: Ctrl + Alt + .

iPhone/iPad: Hold your finger on the period to bring up…

There are thousands of ChatBots created in the past year, most are being left after the first time trial.

Nature language is much harder to understand than we thought. Till now, there is no Chatbot that changes our life. We found out that we won’t really “chat” with a bot…

Diancheng Hu

Product Designer

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